What makes The Dan Jones Group different from other brokerages? Find out today.

The Dan Jones Group sets itself apart from other brokerages in a number of ways, so today I’d like to highlight a few of our distinguishing qualities.

People often ask members of our team about how much money they make, or what our splits are. One of our listing agents has already made $130,000 GCI this year—and that’s the bottom line, not the top line, and the year isn’t even half over! Another agent of ours is working through her first full year on the team, and she’s already taken home $78,000 so far, and is set to close out her first year having made $150,000 or more.

“Helping people improve is a core value of our team-growth mindset.”

What allows our agents to have this level of success?

Well, we have structure. Many big-box brokerages want their new agents to come in, pay their desk dues, and get to work. Our team doesn’t have desk dues—we’re not interested in having hundreds of people joining our firm so that we can collect dues from them; instead, we’re looking for just one or two agents who want to sell 35 to 40 homes in their first year with us. With a team of talented co-workers, our agents have the time and means to foster a personal life, complete with vacation and personal time.

To maintain our structured work environment, we emphasize accountability. We have three coaches in our organization who have all sold at really high levels and who will hold you accountable to your goals and dollar-producing activities on a daily basis. You don’t get that when you work with a group of 400 people in the office alongside you. We also hold our agents accountable for the long-term, as well. Helping people improve is a core value of our team-growth mindset.

If you’ve ever considered joining a high-producing team of real estate professionals, just know that, unlike some team leaders in our area, I’m personally out of production, meaning all the leads and business that I find goes out to my team.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about joining The Dan Jones Group, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.