When you work with us, you can sell upwards of 50 homes a year!

Hopefully, your 2022 has gotten off to a great start! Today I want to discuss what’s possible in your first year as an agent when you work with The Dan Jones Home Selling Team.

We’ve had several agents sell well over 40 homes in their first full year with us. How is that possible? Well, we have thousands of leads coming in every month, and we’re looking for someone who’s hungry for success and needs assistance in the form of leads, marketing, and support staff to handle your transactions from start to finish. Having that kind of support at your back allows you to focus on your specialty: getting in front of people and selling homes.

If you’re lacking support in your current business and would like to have a confidential conversation about your goals and what our team can offer you, give us a call or send an email. We look forward to meeting you soon!