In my opinion, the most important qualities you should have are accountability and coaching. You have to have a good coach who is going to teach you all the right things to do that will help you be more productive. On the flipside, you have to be held accountable to what you said you were going to do in regards to appointments and prospecting.

In order to maintain that accountability, each agent has a written tracker sheet that helps them track things like how many meaningful conversations they’ve had in a day, how many offers have been written, which ones are under contract, and how many hours they’ve put into prospecting as well.

In regards to prospecting, a great agent will be able to handle any type of situation that they come across over the phone. They have to be prepared with the answers to each objection and work toward securing a face-to-face meeting with a potential client. If you haven’t reached that level of comfortability over the phone, then you should really consider a good coach and go through those potential scenarios so that you can secure more loyal clients and build that database.

“You have to have support in your business.”

You have to have support in your business. What do I mean by that? I don’t mean someone who helps run the office—I mean somebody who is helping you make these calls and who is helping you close files and write offers and is dedicated only to helping you. You need someone who can help you create space to take breaks and continue doing dollar-productive activities such as showing homes and prospecting for new clients.

If you’ve ever considered joining a team of top-producing agents in our area, this is your ticket. We just finished training two agents who are already getting sales and working up great numbers. We are looking to hire two new agents to our team, so if you’re in our area and you’re interested in joining us, please give me a call.

If you have any additional questions or would just like to talk about how to grow your real estate business, give me a call. I’d be happy to help!