Joining our team just might be the boost you need to make 2019 a resounding success.

I’d first like to say that I hope you’re having a killer 2019 so far! 

If you’re not on pace to close 35 to 40 houses by the end of this year, I have a word of advice: Don’t miss the boat.

Q2 is well underway, and, up to this point, you should be sitting at eight or nine pending and closed home sales, aggregately. If you’re not there, you aren’t trending in the direction of that 35- to 40-transaction marker for the year. 

The agents on our team strive to reach that number in their very first year with us, and that’s facilitated by the exceptional level of accountability and coaching that we offer.  

“Don’t miss the boat for your real estate business in 2019.”

Don’t just take it from me: Joe, a new addition to our team, has written roughly $1.3 million worth of business this early into the year. Another one of our newest agents, Annie, just came out of training and has already written two deals this month for about $600,000. And Ray, who also recently came out of training, is already at around $550,000.

Is there something lacking in your business model or team setting right now? Maybe you yearn for:

  • A better, more systematic plan 
  • A coach 
  • Support staff to take care of backend administrative tasks
  • Proven results 

If so, it would behoove you to consider taking a position on our team, which is well on its way to closing between 300 and 400 transactions in 2019! Simply give us a call or shoot us an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.