When it comes to prospecting, these two tips will help you improve your game immensely.

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Today I want to share some prospecting tips that will help you be a better agent and sell real estate at a higher level.

The first tip is to go for the appointment. I know a lot of agents who get a lead, ask their buyer for a price, send them homes in that price range, and then play the chasing game. The problem with that is there’s never a real connection between you and the buyer. In that situation, they’re receiving random homes without knowing which one’s a good deal and they don’t have anybody giving them access to all the better deals. They’re missing out on homes, and that in itself is a good reason to ask for an appointment.


My next tip is for when you have a client who needs to buy and sell at the same time. In this case, you must ask “Which do you prefer to do first?” Do they need to sell first before they buy or buy first and then sell? If you don’t ask this question, how do you know which appointment to go for?

Agents who don’t ask this question end up sending comps and other random ideas and play the chasing game all over again. Once you get the appointment, you need to know which needs to happen first—buying or selling. If the client says “buy,” you need to start asking buyer questions. If they say “sell,” you need to get all their information on the sell side and then ask some questions on the buy side to solidify both appointments.

It’s almost impossible to go for a double appointment because most of the time buyers or sellers or both have an agenda. If you focus on one side first and then hint toward the second side, you can land both sides of the transaction.

If you have any more questions about prospecting, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. If you’re thinking of joining a team, we coach at a high level, prospect at a high level, and sell a ton of houses, so I’d be happy to sit down and talk with you to see if you’d be a good fit.

In either case, I’d be happy to help. Talk to you soon!